The staff at UnixGeeks.Org would love to write out new files for each
of the topics and more. However, this isn't very efficient and
slows down the flow of information to interested parties.

We are now soliciting pieces from anyone interested in helping 
out the newbie track. Below are some of the topics we would like
to cover. If you are interested in writing on one of these, 
please mail "ideas AT" to coordinate the writing. These
topics will be dished out on a first come first serve basis. Multiple
parties interested will be put in touch with each other in case
you are interested in collaborating.

All submissions will be reviewed and edited by the staff here.
Submissions should be signed by you (however you wish to sign). 
We prefer you leave an email address to answer any questions about
the article (or we can field them for you).

Check back frequently for status of each topic!


unix: shells, commands, kernel, memory. A brief intro describing 
      each topic, how they interact, their importance to the system, etc.

unix: basic use and implementation of procmail

unix: basic networking commands (ping, traceroute, nslookup)

misc: win95: installing, configuring and basic use of SecureCRT

misc: win95: installing, configuring, basic use, and concept of 
	     'nukenabber' and/or other DoS protection programs.
	     WinNuke, OOB, etc.  (in the works: Alaric)

misc: win95: use and explanation of default networking tools under
	     Win95. tracert, ping, etc.

misc: telephony: basic workings of telelphone systems, PBXs, switches, etc

networking: explanation and concepts of Denial of Service attacks 

all: dealing with special characters in file names, all platforms

Don't see a topic above you are interested in? Still want to write for the newbie track? Have suggestions for topics you think should be included? Send them!
"ideas AT"