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Our goal is to provide a free Unix resource to newbies, old-timers, and everything in-between.

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For those of you who have never heard of Unix, stick around to learn about some operating systems that may change the way you interact with computers.

Who Uses UNIX/Linux?

Anyone who has ever operated a keyboard (and those who haven't, yet want to learn) can install and administer Linux on their home computer.  It's no longer just a "Geek" operating system.  There are literally thousands of UNIX/Linux websites on the Internet, and hundreds of books out there to guide you along your way.  We'll even recommend some of those books to get you started.

Why Use UNIX/Linux?

UNIX is a very powerful operating system for the business sector, offering companies the power, security and versatility that they need to run their business smoothly.

Linux is a flavor of UNIX that has found its way into many homes across the world over the last few years, due to its increasing ease of use and its security features, and is also starting to show up in the businesses sector from business owners looking to find an inexpensive yet powerful way to administrate their computers.

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